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House of Rajkarnicar has pioneered the concept of trade exhibition, conference and event management in Nepal since 1991. After starting with Himalayan Expo in 1991, House of Rajkarnicar has gone on to organize numerous exhibitions, events and conferences in Nepal, India, Thailand, Singapore and Italy, some of which are its own while others are managed for clients. As of today, House of Rajkarnicar has organized and successfully executed more than 100 exhibitions, conferences and events.

Armed with 22 years of experience, a real understanding of the Nepalese business environment and an insider network of contacts within the local business community and media, Food Drinks & Hospitality Exhibition is in very promising hands. Once again, House of Rajkarnicar has undertaken a pioneering task of successfully operating an exhibition that is the first and only of its kind in Nepal.

Managing Director : Birendra Rajkarnicar

Director :

Meenu Rajkarnicar
Services: Organization & Management of Conferences, Exhibitions, Events and Corporate Incentives; Travel Services: Hotels and Tours
Exhibitions : Food, Drinks & Hospitality 2013, Kathmandu, May 17-19th, 2013
Lifestyle Expo 2012, Kathmandu, Oct 12-16th, 2012
World Bank’s Nepal Development Marketplace NDM, Kathmandu, 2008
JICA Photo Exhibition, Kathmandu, Nepal, August 2007
Bangladesh Single Country Trade Fair, Kathmandu, 1997, 2004, 2005
World Bank’s Nepal Development Marketplace NDM, Kathmandu, 2005
World Bank’s Nepal Bikash Bazaar NDF, Kathmandu, 2004
China Education Exhibition, Kathmandu, 2003
Himalayan Expo (included British Council within the British Pavilion), 1991 - 2002
Asian Conference and Exhibition on Remote Sensing, Kathmandu, 2002
Dashain Mahotsav, Kathmandu, 1995 - 2002
Nepal Development Forum, Kathmandu, February 2002
South Asia Water Forum, Kathmandu, February 2002
Mountains Monasteries Manuscripts Exhibition, Kathmandu, April 2000
Exhibition of China Tibet Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Kathmandu, 1999
Geographic Information System Forum and Exhibition, Kathmandu, April 1999
1st South Asian Neurosurgical Congress Exhibition, Kathmandu, March 1999
46th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Anesthetists Exhibition, Kathmandu, Dec., 1998
Electro Tech, Kathmandu, November 1998
Nepal Carpet Mart (NGCCI), Kathmandu, October 1998
4th International Asian Apicultural Association Conference Exhibition, Kathmandu, March 1998
Education, Training and Career, Kathmandu, 1997 - 2000
XIV Congress of Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Exhibition, Kathmandu, 1997
40th Nepal-Japan Friendly Relationship Photo Exhibition (JICA), Kathmandu, 1996
PATA Adventure Travel & Eco - Tourism Mart, Kathmandu, 1996
National Small & Cottage Industry Fair (FNCCI), Kathmandu, 1996
CAN Info-Tech, Kathmandu, 1995
FNCCI's Nepal Industrial Exhibition, Kathmandu, 1994
Destination Nepal, Bombay, 1994
Events : Kathmandu Dog Show 2013, British Embassy, Kathmandu, February 23-24th, 2013
World Bank Tihar Evening Program, Kathmandu, November 2007
St. Mary’s Schools’ 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Celebration, St. Mary’s School, 2005
25th Anniversary of Department of National Parks & Wildlife Conservation, HMG Nepal, 2005
3rd SAF Friendship Day, Kathmandu, 2005
Nepal SBI Bank Annual General Meeting, Kathmandu, 1996-2005
Confederation of Nepalese Industries Annual General Meeting, Kathmandu, 2004
20th Anniversary of Patan Hospital, Lalitpur, 2002
HMG Ministry of Finance Budget Speech, Kathmandu, 2002
11th SAARC Summit 2002 (Dias and Hostess Management), Kathmandu, 2002
Inauguration of British Council Development Information Center by HRH Prince Charles, 1999
The British Council Jazz Music Concert, British Embassy, Kathmandu, March 1997
Singha Beer Launch Rock Concert, Kathmandu, December 1996
German Festival (NGCCI), Kathmandu, 1996
Conferences : 5th South Asian Conference on Sanitation, October 22nd-24th, 2013
41st ISAAME Forum 2013, Kathmandu, December 5-8th, 2013
51st IFATCA Annual Conference, Kathmandu, March 12-16th, 2012
11th South Asian Management Forum, Lalitpur, May 16-18th, 2011
International Conference on Biodiversity, Livelihood and Climate Change in the Himalayas (ICBLCC), Kathmandu, December 12-14th, 2010.
Professional Seminar “Governance and Management of Educational Institution”
In co-operation with British Educational, Leadership, Management & Administration Society (UK), School of Education- Kathmandu University, Private & Boarding Schools Organization of Nepal and Higher Secondary Schools Association of Nepal, British Embassy, October 29- 31st, 2010
SaciWATERS International Conference, Kathmandu, October 3-6, 2010
Kathmandu to Copenhagen 2009 – A Regional Climate Change Conference
(An undertaking of World Bank, DFID, ADB), Kathmandu, 2009
World Bank’s Nepal Development Forum NDF, Kathmandu, 2004
22nd IUATLD Eastern Region Conference, Kathmandu, 2003
Conference on “Sustainable Slope Risk Management for Roads”, Kathmandu, 2003
Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, Kathmandu, 2002
1st South Asia Water Forum, Kathmandu, 2002
Nepal Development Forum, Kathmandu, 2002
3rd World Education International Congress, Thailand, July 2001
Nepal SBI Bank Annual General Meeting, Kathmandu, 1996-2005
IT Conference CAN Info-tech, Kathmandu, 2001
XII Insurance Congress of Developing Countries, Kathmandu, 2000
35th Annual Conference of FHRAI, Kathmandu, September 1999
Geographic Information System Forum Kathmandu, April 1999
1st South Asian Neurosurgical Congress Kathmandu, March 1999
Asian Institute of Technology Conference, Kathmandu, 1999
46th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Anesthetists, Kathmandu, December 1998
4th International Surgical Conference Kathmandu, March 1998
XIV Congress of Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology, Kathmandu, 1997
Rotary International South-Asia Conference, Kathmandu, 1996
3rd International Afro-Asian Conference on Power Development, Kathmandu, 1996
AT & T Communications Conference, Kathmandu, 1995
NORIMPOD Conference (Norway), Lalitpur, 1994


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